1. Please provide us with a special event photography timeline, including a dedicated slot for the most important and VIP special photos needed.

  2. Please supply a "must have" photos list by providing us with a "shot list" and indicate who are the corporate VIPs, celebrity guests, speakers and any special groups you need. Please advise if you'll need these photos rushed to you within 24 hours, as normal delivery is within (3-5) business days. Rush charges might apply.

  3. Please let us know if youâd like to receive prints in addition to digital files, or if youâd like the event photos posted online. We customize the size of the digital files to accommodate your needs. We can deliver low-res files for web use (files are under 1 MB), and/or high-res files (5-10 MB) which are only used for printing and press purposes*.

  4. Normal delivery time for special event photography is about 3-5 days after the event, as we need a number of hours to optimize the photos before delivery. Please advise us ahead of time if you'll require overnight or next day delivery so we can accommodate your request. Overnight or next day delivery will incur rush charges.

A word about digital file size: Bigger isnât better, its just different. Email and web programs require small file sizes (under 1 MB) for fast and easy transfer. Photos that will be printed require more detail and a larger file size, so weâd give you large 10-12 MB files for printing purposes. If you have a webmaster or art director to work with, its best to get the large files as they offer the most versatility and can be down-sized for email or the web.