When family and friends come together to celebrate -- for a bar or bat mitzvah, or a special birthday party -- the room is buzzing with joyful reunions and good cheer. NY City photographer Teri Bloom has intuitively captured these fleeting moments for over fifteen years.

The most enjoyable and fun highlights -- like the toasts, the laughter, the hugs -- pass in a blink and quickly become cherished memories. A skillful photographer catches these fleeting moments with agility and ease, assuring that your memories will be sensitively documented, well-told and enjoyed for many years to come. We deliver high-resolution images that are yours to keep, offer a personalized website and albums are optional. We're dedicated to doing a great job for our clients and we're known to go the extra mile and deliver beautiful photos. Recent portraits and receptions can be viewed by clicking here.

NYC Bar Mitzvah Photographer Explains Portrait Lighting

Photography of bar mitzvah religious portraits taken by NYC bar and bat mitzvah photographer.

If the NY location is bright, using available light with fill-flash works well. If the location is darker, studio lighting is preferable.

Proper portrait lighting is key to successful portraiture. An educated professional photographer understands how to light the portrait location based on the existing lighting. For bar, bat and b'nai mitzvah photography -- please be aware that there are two ways to light the religious family portraits. If the home or sanctuary is naturally bright, then the photographer can use this available light with some fill-flash. However in darker places, the photographer may want to bring in studio lights which will result in more pleasing photos. The studio lighting does two things: first it is more flattering and makes people look better. And secondly, the lighting properly lights the location, as one light might be for the people and the other light would be used to light the background.

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Bat Mitzvah Photographer NY City Planning Tips

NY City bat mitzvah party photo taken by bar and bat mitzvah photographer Teri Bloom in New York.

Make a list of important family and friends that will be at the party, so the photographer will be sure to get photos of everyone you care about!

Give your bar, bat or b'nai mitzvah photographer a list of who's most important to you, so these people will be in lots of photos. When we hear bar mitzvah photography horror stories -- its always the same complaint -- that the photographer didn't get one good shot of the grandparents, or there's no photo of the child's best friend. This is a time when everyone most dear to your heart gathers to celebrate, and its a perfect time to get great photos of everyone. For this reason, please make a list of your immediate family, important relatives, and best friends. Tell the photographer that you'd really like photos of these people, so they will be sure to get these shots for you.

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Need a Second Photographer for Your NYC Bar Mitzvah?

Candid bar and bat mitzvah party photographer Teri Bloom took this b'nai mitzvah photo in NYC.

This depends on the number of guests and on the layout of the reception space.

"Do we need a second photographer" is a popular question and easily explained. If you're having a party with under 125 people, then one photographer can easily cover the reception. Also, if the children's activities will be close to the adult's reception -- then one photographer is sufficient. However, if your guest list approaches 175-200 people, and the children's cocktail hour may be in a different area than the adults -- then a second photographer might be considered as an option. This NJ bar mitzvah photo was shot in the Westfield, Summit, Short Hill, Millburn, South Orange, Maplewood, Livingston New Jersey area.

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NYC Bat Bat Mitzvah Photographer Teri Bloom runs a professional photography studio in NY City. As a seasoned bat, bar and b'nai mitzvah shooter, Teri has covered hundreds of mitzvahs in the NY City area.

Coverage of a child's special day is always customized to a family's needs and desires. Some families want relaxed, natural and easy coverage of the kiddush luncheon or children's party, and others like traditional religious portraits, and coverage of the entire reception. Family portraits can be shot before or during the reception, or after the week-day rehearsal. Everything is very flexible. Please see helpful bar, bat and b'nai mitzvah tips here:

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